Light & Inspiration pt. 2

The morning light in my studio is like nothing I can describe. In the earliest hours of the morning, some might even consider it eerie. The most beautiful part of it is perhaps the way it develops and changes as the morning progresses. Almost like the progression of a song, it starts slow and soft. Then as it builds, the rays of light coming in from the window discover more details in the room, illuminating all of the nooks and crannies bit by bit. If you close your eyes for a moment, you might miss it. 

On cloudy days the light remains cool and grey, while sunny days bring a warm incandescence to every inch of my little studio.

By the time I make my morning coffee, it wraps everything around me in a soft glow, just barely grazing the surfaces closest to the windows.

I suppose it is my own form of meditation, reflecting on the light and the way it affects my surroundings and my work.