Recent Inspiration

Social media used to only be thought of as a way to show everyone how hysterical (you think) your cat is, or to let everyone know that you're eating something photogenic. More and more it is used by artists of all kinds to share their work, and I think it's absolutely brilliant. 

I get to follow artists from all backgrounds using any medium, and I have recently discovered artists I haven't thought about or seen in a while and it's so cool to be able to follow them, catch up, and be re-inspired by their work.

Today, I want to share the work of James Jean.

I think what is so fascinating and inspiring in his work is the mind-boggling intricacy. The DETAILS! They are just staggering. Everything has a purpose, everything is thoughtfully placed. 

It's beautiful. One must wonder how he comes up with all of this, where the thoughts originate. The depth and emotion is just incredible. 


Thank you for adding to the art world, James Jean.

For more of his incredible work, visit