100 Days

In the grand scheme of things, 100 days seems like nothing at all. But does it, really?


I recently met an artist named Monika Kralicek, an incredibly talented and sweet person (link to her instagram below), who was in the midst of 100 days of palette sketches. As an outsider you see something like that and at first it's an easy thing to minimize. "Art for 100 days? Any artist can do that, it should be fun if nothing else!" But then, think about it. Does every artist create EVERY DAY? No. Not a chance. I realize there may be exceptions to that, but those are few and far between. Sometimes you need a day off to rekindle your creativity. 

The more I thought about it, the more I found myself making excuses not to try it. "I'm too busy. I have a full time job, how can I make time for art every single day?" 

Monika shared her experience through the process, all of the highs and lows. Not all of the days felt like a win, I'm sure. But I have to say, it was such a joy to watch her work (which I was already completely in love with) evolve with such a concentrated effort over those 100 days. It's also quite an accomplishment, Monika's dedication to her craft is really rather impressive.

Well, no more excuses. I am going for it. I have told Anthony that I need someone to hold me accountable and he has agreed to do it, on the condition that I don't get mad at him when he tells me to go draw something. I told him I might just draw him a middle finger.

I think the parameters to set myself up for success need to be relatively loose. My work doesn't fall into the same genre as Monika's, so I won't be doing palette sketches. To keep myself from getting bored and giving up I won't stick to one medium, I will try as many as possible. I have so many different new brands and types of art supplies in my desk that I have been dying for an excuse to try, this seems like the perfect time.  I will try my best to make sure it happens within 100 days, but my overall goal is to get to 100 pieces of work, one piece per day, in as close to 100 days as possible. 

Follow me on instagram as I try to make this happen. We shall see!

Follow Monika for some seriously dreamy abstracts, and check out all of her 100 days.

The über-talented Monika Kralicek. She makes it look easy! (above).

Several of her 100 days of palette sketches (below).