Journeys of the soul - Ireland 2017


From Janel:

I am so pleased to introduce Carl Caylor to the team this year. Carl and I have been judging together now for a few years and got to talking about workshops abroad. It both dawned on us that we could come up with an amazing workshop together.  Carl and I will bring a great blend of vision and creativity along with style and technique. Carl is a highly sought after speaker/teacher and his beautiful  images have won numerous awards.  (Click here for more info on Janel, Click here for more info on Carl)

This will be my second workshop to Ireland (I have also done Italy, England and Whidbey Island) and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this one.

We will be staying in the county of Kerry in an amazing “Downton Abbey”-like manor home, the Coolclogher House, on 50 acres. I think that having a class with one location and a place all to ourselves is much more conducive to privacy and great interaction with fellow students.  Accommodations are generally two people to a room.  

We will be in the heart of some of the most beautiful places in Ireland.  After the last workshop we did in Ireland, my daughter and I visited the beautiful town and sea of Dingle Bay. As I stood on the grassy cliff looking out at a spectacular view, I said to Casey, we have to do a workshop near here so we can share this with our students.  And so, we are.  We will be exploring small villages, expansive green grassy knolls and as many castles as we can find.  

The class focuses on the art of photography and bringing out the ultimate in creativity.  I am really not an instructor on these trips, but rather a guide through this journey.  The day starts with breakfast and then a short lesson and a creative assignment will be given.  Student assignments from the previous day will also be shown at this time.  These assignments are really designed for you to see and experience things in a whole different light.  You will be stretched a bit.  A coach will arrive and take us to our locations for the day.  Casey and I scout the locations the week before the workshop, so the days are perfectly planned out.  I try to never do anything that is too touristy, so the towns and places that we visit are the less traveled and the most photogenic.  My goal is to provide amazing “real” locations for everyone.  I seem to have a knack for finding wonderful places and meeting the true people of the country.   We have one day during the middle of the week where we can relax and enjoy the beauty of our home.  I also like to stress the fact that assignments are optional.  If you just want to come to soak it all in, then that is perfectly acceptable.  Even non photographers have come to these workshops in the past.

Price for this workshop is $2,200. (does not include airfare)

Alumni                              $2,000.  (does not include airfare)

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space.  Payments throughout the year are really up to you.  The final payment is required two months prior to the workshop date. 

Price includes:

  • Your stay at the Manor
  • All transportation during the week
  • Breakfast and 6 dinners
  • Transportation from the train station when you arrive and depart (station TBD).

It is recommended that you fly into Dublin and then take the train to the town of our city.  I will be there waiting for you with the coach driver. 

 We will be dining out one evening.  We are out on location during the day so students will have lunch on their own, which is always nice to experience the small cafes and pubs of the local villages. Dinners will be prepared by the class.  I will ask a few of you (optional of course) to be Chef of the Night and help coordinate the meal.  Coming together in the kitchen in the evenings, after an amazing day out in the country,  is always a highlight of the day.  

There is so much that I could say, but it would become way too long!  As you can tell, I get very excited about these journeys.  They truly do feed your soul as well as the artist in you.  


Please direct all inquiries to Janel ( or Casey ( You can also fill out the contact form from the contact page of this site with any questions.

From some of our past students:

"I had been to Italy previously, but after sharing the experience with Janel Pahl and her wonderful support group, I realized I hadn’t seen the country at all! Janel has a gift for sharing her expertise with photography with others and sets the scene with non-hurried, inspiring visits to places not on tourist maps.  One comes away with an appreciation for the beauty and composition of the places she takes us. 
 The group was more than compatible, the accommodations wonderful, the artfully prepared meals were delicious, and the photographs we took were beautiful, regardless of our degree of knowledge about photography.    Would recommend a special trip and time with Janel as a life-changing experience. Five stars!!"
Marsha Corzine


As a full-time artist and someone very drawn to photography, choosing to join Janel Pahl and a small group of highly talented photographers on journeys to Italy and Ireland turned out to be some wonderful highlights in my life. Janel has a gift for finding destinations off the beaten path, and she provided the guidance and inspiration to move my photography to a new level. An added bonus was forming friendships for life. I highly recommend her workshops!
Bill Drysdale,


Traveling with Janel Pahl and her daughter Casey Ruth in Umbria on a Journeys of the Soul was one of the best decisions in my life. Janel instills trust in a small group of travelers who heretofore did not know one another by herself being completely authentic and open - transparent. This is the environment that nurtures one's soul and allows creativity to flow. And do not be caught unawares...this is a journey of full life...all emotions are, silliness, compassion, sadness, joy, gratefulness, appreciation, introspection. This trip will become one of your life's touchstones.
Forever grateful, Nancy Freelander-Paice